Its All About living Yoga

So finally, Rishikesh Yogpeeth is moving to its Home and eventually we as the founders have surrendered to the process of inevitable transformation.
As we know that the Moments of transformation are not just blissful but they also bring fear and feeling of vulnerability and these feelings comes because the transformational process forces us to come out of our comfort zone.
And if I see Rishikesh Yogpeeth, it appears that in the moment we are ready to come out of our comfort zone and practice fearlessness, it means instead of being scared and having a sense of resistance to the process now we are allowing it to happen.
From here onwards the practice and the place of practice will be known as Abhayaranya. Abhayaranya literally it means a realm of fearless self-expression. A place which naturally allows the potential to unfold.
This is all about the journey of Rishikesh Yogpeeth and its evolution as Abhayaranya. It took us more than 10 years of teaching Yoga, with hundreds of Teacher Training Courses and thousands of students that we can’t really teach it. The more we went on teaching, it appeared that the less and less we know about it.
This feeling that we can’t teach tells us that we haven’t really understood what it is, and we haven’t understood it because we haven’t experienced it and we haven’t experienced it because we haven’t lived it.
So, the idea behind Abhayaranya is to live yoga, the place is all about practicing yoga on living basis and also about practicing yoga within the community by living in it instead of leaving or running away from it.
Abhayaranya is an idea in its seed form, which is about to take a sprout in the year 2017.