let’s define Rishikesh once again

This place has something, I don’t know what but we can feel it. I was reading somewhere, an experience of someone that one can spend time in Rishikesh doing nothing. There may be many possible interpretations of this statement but for me there is only one that Rishikesh flows and leads to the transformation spontaneously (only if you are ready). Physically It is a tiny place but when it comes to the subtle aspect, it is huge. This place has a unique nature and when it starts interacting, people feel at home, irrespective of origin – visitors or native. I know so many people personally that this is their home no matter which country or city they belong. People come to Rishikesh from all over the world for many reasons but one in common that they want to visit and feel the source.

Source of what? Answer comes – Yoga. What is Yoga? Answer comes – we don’t know but there is something in it, which attracts and we want to know what it is. This journey of exploration starts as a term “Yoga” and culminates as a concept of life and Rishikesh is the synonym of it.

When was the first time, Rishikesh was defined as the source? I think it was the time of Mahrishi Mahesh Yogi, somewhere around 1960 and especially feb-1968 when the “Beatles” travelled to Rishikesh to attend an advanced “Transcendental Meditation” session amid widespread media attention because of that whole of world noticed and recognized it as the source of Yoga and Spirituality.

Now days Rishikesh is defined as the heart center of “Yoga Teacher Training” Courses in the world, every month more than thousand people from all over the world are registered and certified as a Yoga Teacher under 200hr, 300hr, 500hr designations with various schools and its getting bigger and bigger at ever accelerating rate.
Meanwhile for a long time I was at unease with these definitions of Rishikesh because for me this limits the potentiality of the place. This morning I woke up and a thought came from nowhere “let’s define Rishikesh once again”. I don’t know, what this thought is and why am I sharing it with you but for sure I knew one thing that Rishikesh is much more than just “Beatles” and “Yoga Teacher Training”.

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